Dog Energy Healing Sessions

Common Questions

How do you talk to my dog? And how does he talk back?

Living beings can actually communicate with each other without the barrier of language. In the same way one computer ‘talks’ to another allowing you to access information on the internet without you understanding the underlying computer code that makes it possible, people can communicate with dogs and understand the response. The communication could be in words or through the use of pictures, sounds, or feelings. 

How would my dog know what’s causing her symptoms?

Inside every living being is a storehouse of knowledge. If you think of your dog as a computer with unlimited internal storage capacity, this computer captures every moment of every event throughout their life. We can access this internal memory to determine the exact moment an injury or an emotional trauma occurred. Then we just address the underlying imbalance that is interfering with your pup’s natural healing ability.

How can you heal trauma?

We don’t heal anything. Your dog does that all on her own. We just explore the reasons why she isn’t healing and open the door for the body to begin to heal naturally, as it was created to do. Sometimes the pup is still living inside a previous trauma, and hasn’t transitioned into a state where the traumatic event has ended. When we find this, we need to let both sides of the brain understand that the event is in the past, and the fight-or-flight response is no longer required for survival. This will allow her to begin to relax and her stress hormones to rebalance to more healthy levels.

My dog is on medication. Is this process safe for him?

Energy healing is a complementary method for easing your dog’s distress and opening a channel for healing.  You would continue any regimen prescribed by your vet. We are not veterinarians, so we do not prescribe medications or diagnose illnesses. We will work with you to determine possible toxicity levels that can be created by medications so you can discuss possible alternatives with your veterinarian.


Does this only work for dogs?

Absolutely not. In addition to dog health, we work with horses, cats, birds, turtles, polar bears, and even humans!  Pet services and human services  offered in one place.

Can I schedule an appointment for myself?

Sure!  Just get on the calendar using the Human option instead of the Animal option. Schedule an appointment for an Initial Consultation. We’d be happy to help you find balance in your body and your life, and help you take back your own personal power to heal.

Could I learn how to do this?

Yes. It takes some time to learn the protocols and build your intuition, but anything is possible. We all have that still, small voice inside, but not everyone chooses to listen to it and explore. If this speaks to you, we can discuss your future as an energy healer.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a powerful, simple process that uses intuition to find and address imbalances in the body’s energy system. When your body is overwhelmed by a flood of emotions, or toxins it can’t process quickly enough, parts of the energy system can shut down or become blocked. If you think of the electricity in your house, when you overload a circuit with too many appliances your circuit-breaker will trip and shut off all the electrical current to prevent an electrical fire. Your body works in the same manner, to protect you from danger in any form. We address the danger, reset the breaker, and the power comes back on. Energy healing restores the  body's natural power to heal.

Energy Healing

"Energy healing is a powerful, simple process that uses intuition to find and address imbalances in the body’s energy system." Restore the inner balance and you allow the reactivation of the body's innate power to heal.

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