You are responsible for your choices regarding your pet's health and quality of life.   Medical issues should be discussed with your veterinarian.   Do not change any medications or protocols unless advised by your dog's vet.  

I am not a medical professional.  I don’t treat diseases.  I don’t  claim to cure diseases.  Using intuition and gentle, non-invasive energy  techniques you and I work together to uncover imbalances in your pet that may be interfering with his body’s normal processes.   When these  imbalances are addressed, we help to create the right conditions for  his body to function appropriately, allowing it to come into a  better state of balance.  And allowing him to relax into a different future.

The information provided on this website is for educational purposes  only and to give you general information and a general understanding of  energy balancing, not to provide specific advice for your situation.  There is no professional relationship between you and the author. The  information provided throughout this website should not be used as a  substitute for competent professional advice from a medical  professional.   

For scientific research studies and specific case studies regarding  the validity of energy techniques, visit the Association for  Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) website: https://www.energypsych.org